【wordpress】自适应企业主题 sereno

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【wordpress】自适应企业主题 sereno




  • PageTemplate with 5 areas Incredible, Unique and amazing tool to create your pages without limits. (areas are included in every single page/post/portfolio) – We included the codes to paste on each area for the Main Creative pages & Home Pages

  • Image preloader no more blank areas.

  • WPML ready.

  • Woo Shop ready – with Sereno style

  • Newsletter with Wysija plugin

  • PSD Design Files (7 Fully Layered PSD files)

  • Social Icons PSD Files (2 formats: normal and @2x for Retina)

  • Retina Ready Display Beautiful icons ready for Retina display

  • Layer Slider Included (15$ value) – Layer Slider

  • Lots of Pro Shortcodes – Check all our Shortcodes !!

  • Visual Shortcode Manager (build your page ur way) – with over 80 fully customizable combine shortcodes

  • Page Builder Included (25$ value) (build pages fast) – Visual Composer

  • Unlimited Sidebars

  • Font Awesome (302 icons) – included inside the shortcode manager for icons, titles and buttons.

  • 4 Headers

  • 3 Footers with unlimited columns (Blog/Portfolio/Shop)

  • Header Sticky bar (dynamic & flexible columns)

  • Beautiful Columns Styles

  • Breadcrumb Customization Bars (height, color, background, title, boxed & full size, shortcodes & CSS3)

  • Beautiful & Elegant Design

  • Easy Panel Settings (unlimited colors, fonts & options)

  • Knob and Pie chart shortcode

  • 4 levels of filtering (Category, Skills, Tags, and custom)

  • SEO Ready

  • Wide & Boxed Layout

  • Footer full size widget area (widget ready)

  • Widgets

  • Unlimited Colors (easy color picker)

  • Amazing jQuery post Scrollbar (loads in the same page)

  • Social (share or personalize)

  • Translation & Localization Ready (with free plug-in)

  • Flex Slider Gallery

  • Pretty Photo Gallery

  • Carousel Gallery

  • Contact Form

  • Twitter rotator

  • Testimonials rotator

  • Our Clients rotator

  • Unlimited Google Fonts with font manager (size, color, weight, line height)

  • ..and so much more

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