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Hot Topix主题帮你打造全新的WordPress网站,这种超现代的,专业的主题或许是你想要的。响应式主题,有五个不同的广告单元,唯美的幻灯片,还有更多意外的惊喜。



Hot Topix WordPress 杂志主题介绍

  • Compatible with WordPress 3.6

  • SEO Optimized

  • HTML5 & CSS3

  • Translation-ready (contains .po/.mo files)

  • Comes with XML dummy data (posts, tags, categories, menus)

  • Easy implementation with Google Adsense ads

  • WordPress Featured Image support

  • WordPress Custom Background support

  • WordPress Custom Menu support

  • No need for any additional plugins

  • Custom Theme Options panel

  • Custom CSS section in Theme Options so users will not lose custom changes to CSS when you update to a new version

  • Built in Google Analytics support

  • Optional homepage blog layout

  • Free lifetime updates

  • News ticker

  • Mobile/tablet versions use “swipe” navigation for carousel widget

  • Easy logo customization

  • Threaded comments

  • Ability to turn Featured Image on posts on/off

  • Ability to turn social buttons on posts on/off

  • Optional Author Info at the bottom of posts

  • Custom copyright/footer text

  • Custom favicon

  • In-depth documentation

  • And much more!


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